The land of flavors

"The quality offered can be much wider, it can increase without limits, but it depends on us consumers"

The project

Sant’Angelo borns from the experience and passion in producing and selling products of superior quality. Sant’Angelo's policy is based on the absolute quality of raw materials and production cycles and is always careful to satisfy the customer while respecting a tradition that aims at excellence. Therefore our goal is to produce and bring to the best tables a product of excellence and tradition, all Italian. Our commitment therefore translates into the constant search for quality and technical safety. All this ensures, both to individual families and to catering professionals, a genuine and healthy product. The secret of our success is linked to professionalism, competence, careful suppliers selection and above all the passion with wich we carry out our work.

All our work is focused on the research and continuous selection of the best raw materials, combined with the ability of the selected suppliers.

Our philosophy
1. Love for the territory
We are people in love with high quality products, stories, traditions and places where these products are born and grow.

2. Our passion
We decided to transform our passion into our business, dedicating our day to studying and offering high quality products

3.Power quality
We would like to improve the quality of our food supply and with it also that of our customers.

4. Our customers
The passion and skill of our producers allows us to obtain a product suitable for the gourmet and the best tables.

5. Our purpose
We would like to open a new path in the world of food distribution and the marketing of artisan products, we would like our customers to perceive these values and share our experiences. If we succeed we can also ensure our employees a satisfactory level of quality of life.

A passion for perfection

For the chef and for families who want to taste something excellent
Studying, Learning, Experimenting
Eat, Buy, Live
Taste, Tradition, Quality

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